Question #1: Why Did I Start This Blog?

Question:  Why Did I Start This Blog? AKA “Why the HECK did I start another blog?”

I am soon to be independent of something that has been a responsibility for 14 years.  I’m not sure where life is going to lead me once I’m free.  I had it set in my mind the path that I thought it would take. Some of the experiences on the path were expected and solid.  Others were surprising and good.  A few were shocking and terrible.

I’ve grown a lot since I started that responsibility.  I asked a lot of questions about myself and life in this time, thinking that I would have some answered.  I did, but I found that I had more pop up.  Some things about myself are the same, and I’m happy with that part of me.  Others are the same, and I don’t.  The same thing goes for the things that are different about myself.  I like some of the new, but not all of it.  Life is definitely fluid and we have to go with it, or fall to pieces in the flood.

Once you start askingquestions, innocence is GONE. -Mary Astor

One thing different about the young woman I was in 2004 compared to now is that then I had black & white thinking.  I was raised with it, but I found it isn’t beneficial for most of humanity.  I used to think: black = evil/- & white = good/+.  Truth fell in the white.  Sin fell in the black.  Now I see that truth is somewhere in the middle, in-between the black & white.


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