Question #1b: Why Did I Start This Blog?

On July 22, 2018, I sat at the lunch table with my husband and our 5 kids, and told them that unless two VERY specific doors opened up for my music, that I would probably be done with it.  I thought of idyllic days on the farm, or hard-working ones in reality, but without external pressure to get anything else done beyond family stuff.  I was actually really okay with the thought of this.

Three days later, the first VERY specific door opened.  Two days after that, the door opened for the second VERY specific door.  It was my Gideon’s fleece.  I’ll share later. I’m making an official announcement on a live Facebook video on my Facebook page on September 1.

Every piece of the puzzle that has been perplexing me for 14 years is starting to fit together.  I really feel FOR SURE that I’m on the path God has for me.  I don’t think it will be easy in some ways, but it will be easier in the best way possible.  I’m trusting God through it all.  There is a lot less stress that way, for sure.

I am going to use this as my musings blog.  More than likely it will mostly consist of Christian lifestyle and theology questions that I will write through to try to find an answer.  Even when not going to church consistently for 8 years, I still talked and wrote about the things of God.  It is just woven into the cloth of who I am.

So, I was going to quit music, (happily,) and God said, “Think again”, to which I say, “Happily”.

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