Q8: Should I Be Thinking Smaller?

Should I Be Thinking Smaller?

I find myself sometimes overwhelmed by the vast amount of possibilities in every day life.  In a society that has mainly adopted the mentality of “bigger is better”, there is little room for small dreams.  Everyone wants big dreams realized.

In every day life, I am finding myself blocking out time in too large of chunks.  For the micro-managers out there, you would probably cringe at the amount of time I give myself for transitions.  Maybe it’s because I don’t like the panicky feeling that comes on me when I am working with a tight schedule.  Maybe it’s because I’m naturally a lazy person.  Who knows.

I found myself this morning contemplating doing a little bit of attic cleaning before the vet appointment that I need to take the cat to.  I told myself not to do the attic cleaning, because I didn’t have the time to, because I had to take the cat.  My chunk of transition time was more than large enough to do some attic work and also to get ready.  It probably takes me 10 minutes, because I don’t wear make up and throw my hair up in a pony.  (Because I am intrinsically lazy.)  Then inspiration hit to write a post about it, and the attic remains untouched.   I’ll do it when I get home.

The point I am making is that some people are good at looking at the big picture without looking at the details.  Some people look at the details and get freaked out so much they don’t see the big picture.  Some people don’t look at life as a big picture, but rather a schedule to follow and a life to simply live.  This is why I love people.  Everyone is different, and I find that refreshing.  I don’t think I explained that jump very well, but I am running out of time, and need to actually brush my teeth before I head out to the vet appt.

As for my time “chunks”, I’m going to start breaking it up into smaller increments.  Maybe 30 minutes slots instead of one or two hours.  There is a lot I’d like to accomplish the rest of this year in the house and in my life.  I think that forcing myself to a tighter schedule will help that.

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